Used Books

Longfellow Books carries an extensive collection of used books for your browsing pleasure.  Plus, if you're like most of us, you have dozens of books piled up around the house.  Toss them in a bag and swing on by the store.  The lovely, Meghan Gilles is in charge of sorting through all your used literary items and deciding what we can and can't sell.  The average wait time is about a week and you will get a call form us when your books are processed to find out what we were able to take and how much credit you'll have on file.  

We accept drop offs during normal store hours but if you have a small number of books and would like to wait for the final decision, please call and make an appointment first.  

The Official Longfellow Books Used Book Buying Policy:

・We pay store credit for used books.
・We pay 40% of the price we intend to charge for a book; so if, for example, you bring us a trade paperback in good condition whose cover price is $15, we'll most likely charge $7.50 for it, which means we'll give you $3 in credit for it. (The calculus to determine the price we'll charge for a book gets wigglier as the cover price rises.)
・You can drop off books whenever we're open; we request that you only drop off a few boxes or bags at a time.
・Appointments can be made in advance to look through your books while you wait.
・We accept many different kinds of books; just as we sell a wide variety of new books, we're interested in too wide a variety of subjects and formats to list.
・However, we usually will not buy moldy (or otherwise stinky) books, magazines, books with split spines or which are otherwise falling apart, books with underlining or highlighting, textbooks, or outdated reference books (including travels guides and Time Life or National Geographic books).
・We can either give the books we don't take back to you or donate them to the library's used book sale; let us know which you'd prefer.
・Unless we are buried unusually deeply under an avalanche of beautiful used books, we will usually call you about your books within a week or so.