$9 Therapy: Semi-Capitalist Solutions to Your Emotional Problems (Paperback)

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"When did taking care of yourself become so expensive? The world is full of advice that makes it seem like the only way you can possibly engage in self-care is to have vast financial resources. “Can’t afford that particular candle? Is the right face cream more than your weekly paycheck? Too bad, you’re doomed to be miserable.” Enter Megan and Nick who will offer you solid solutions (and a lot of laughs along the way) for ways you can take care of yourself without breaking the bank.

Everything from dealing with overbearing coworkers, to sex, to acupressure massage, they cover a lot of bases. This practical advice for ways to hold yourself together brings together a variety of approaches and is sure to offer something for everyone. As the name states, none of these things should cost more than $9 (and a lot are even free or close to it).

If you’re looking for a self-help book that will talk to you like a friend, not like a guru, look no further."

--Lucinda, Longfellow Books

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A tongue-in-cheek collection of the tips, tricks, and recipes that will fix your life without busting your budget.

$9 Therapy proves that it’s possible to take self-care seriously without taking yourself too seriously.

Self-professed lifestyle gurus Nick Greene and Megan Reid know that sometimes it takes as little as spending nine dollars on an act of self-care to turn your day around. While working their first, low-paying jobs out of school, Nick and Meg learned to spend wisely—and fabulously—and firmly came to believe in the radical potential of simple pleasures. In $9 Therapy, they use their hard-won wisdom to show how small, inexpensive treats can elevate your adulting game: whether it’s mindfully repotting a plant to finally drinking from a decent wine glass (even if you can afford only one), to recipes you’ll actually want to cook, to design tips to make even the tiniest spaces look like Instagram-bait.

With enthusiasm and sass, (and featuring 30 colorful illustrations), $9 Therapy brings together the lifehacks and mini-upgrades that encourage you to make your life a little bit easier, a little bit less stressful, a little bit better, a little more loving toward yourself and the humans around you.

About the Author

Megan Reid works in books and television. She’s lived in seven states and two countries, but now she’s happy to be based in New York with her dog, Luna. Meg is also the author of Althea Gibson: The Story of Tennis’ Fleet-of-Foot Girl. You can visit her online at www.meganreid.co.

Nick Greene & Megan Reid have been friends, brunch companions, and lifestyle co-conspirators since they met as book publishing assistants in 2011. A graduate of Brown’s creative writing program, Nick has worked on the editorial and product development teams at Atavist, n+1, McSweeney’s, and BuzzFeed. Most recently, he joined the biometric identity company CLEAR. Meg acquired and edited several bestselling and award-winning books after receiving her master’s degree in English literature, and now works in television development. Nick and Meg live and write in Brooklyn, New York, where their dogs, Ogden and Luna, are frequent playmates and diligent pwoofreaders. 

Product Details
ISBN: 9780062936332
ISBN-10: 0062936336
Publisher: Morrow Gift
Publication Date: February 11th, 2020
Pages: 160
Language: English