The Rule: St. John Paul II's Rule for a Joy-filled Marriage of Divine Love (Paperback)

The Rule: St. John Paul II's Rule for a Joy-filled Marriage of Divine Love By Theresa Martin, Peter Martin Cover Image
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At the present moment, in the Church and in society, there is no more critical issue for us to address than the truth about marriage. Our world has presented us with an atmosphere in which the integrity of marriage has been under attack for decades.

In the midst of pressure from a secularized culture there comes a bright light of joyful hope from Theresa and Peter Martin: The Rule offers us the first English translation of Cardinal Wojtyla's Rule for a joy-filled marriage of divine love.

Theresa & Peter Martin have brilliantly taken a concise, six-point "Rule for Married Couple Groups" written by St. John Paul II and expounded upon it, using St. John Paul II's own words, to allow the reader to fully understand its meaning. The Rule gives you St. John Paul II's key to deepening spouses' conjugal spirituality and finding lasting Joy

What is this Rule?

Why do we need it?

Could it really be the key we have been searching for-to help us get beyond the struggle and live a life of enduring joy in Christ?

JPII thinks so.

Theresa and Peter Martin guide the reader with their theological expertise as well as their lived experience. The Rule's main purpose is to live the truth of Humanae Vitae, which will build each couple's conjugal spirituality. Humanae Vitae is a pivotal point in cultural morality stating that God, and not man, is the author of life and human sexuality. Imagine the wellspring of renewal if more couples would truly live according to this very simple reality

The Rule helps good couples become great through grace and would be the perfect addition to a marriage catechumenate The Wojtyla Community & Institute (WCI) is a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to further the mission of spreading St. John Paul II's Rule and helping spouses live it. (

Engaging, endearing and passionate, this book opens a pathway to finding a joy-filled marriage of divine love

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Publication Date: February 14th, 2023
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