Old Country (Paperback)

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In this terrifyingly twisted thriller, a young couple discovers the horror held within their newly purchased dream house.
It’s the house of their dreams. Former marine Harry and his wife, Sasha, have packed up their life and their golden retriever, Dash, and fled the corporate rat race to live off the land in rural Idaho. Their breathtaking new home sits on more than forty acres of meadow, aspen trees, and pine forest in the Teton Valley. Even if their friends and family think it’s a strange choice for an up-and-coming pair of urban professionals, Harry and Sasha couldn’t be happier about the future they’re building, all by their lonesome.

That is, until their nearest neighbors, Dan and Lucy Steiner, come bearing more than housewarming gifts. Dan and Lucy warn Harry and Sasha of a malevolent spirit that lives in the valley, one that with every season will haunt them in fresh, ever-more-diabolical ways. At first, it seems like an old wives’ tale. But when spring arrives, so does the first evil manifestation, challenging everything Harry and Sasha thought they knew about the world.

As each season passes, the spirit grows stronger, the land more sinister, and each encounter more dangerous. Will Harry and Sasha learn the true meaning of a forever home before it’s too late? Haunting and bone-chilling, Old Country is a spellbinding debut in the horror genre.

About the Author

Harrison Query is a Colorado native whose work as a writer has spanned multiple genres. He has sold projects to Lionsgate, Netflix, Amazon, and SONY developing screenplays with Ridley Scott, Chris Columbus, Robert Zemeckis and Andrew Dominik. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Matt Query, born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, is a litigator who focuses on legal issues related to water rights, natural resources, public lands, and fish and wildlife management. Matt and his wife Sonya have a little ranch in Southern Oregon, where they live with their dog, sheep, chickens, and bees.

Praise For…

"Action-packed horror... Fans of Stephen King and Paul Tremblay will find this a satisfying escape into the woods."—Kirkus Reviews

“This is classic supernatural horror, made freshly compelling with believable characters and perfect pacing, and almost impossible to put down.”—The Guardian

“An artful chiller. OLD COUNTRY stirs up our primal dread of a hostile wilderness, indifferent to man, that‘s reminiscent of such great works as Algernon Blackwood‘s THE WENDIGO."—Lincoln Child, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"What started as the spookiest of tales on Reddit--I should know, as I love them--sparked a tour-de-force of a novel that perfectly renders the tensions of living in isolation and the unforgiving passage of the seasons of the natural world. On top of that, OLD COUNTRY delivers an unyielding sense of dread and suspense. I can’t wait for more from the Query brothers."—Thomas Olde Heuvelt, author of HEX and ECHO

"Propulsive. The Querys nicely work the worldbuilding into the action [and] when the horror elements hit, they hit hard. Fans of Joe Hill and Paul Tremblay will want to check this out."—Publishers Weekly

“An extraordinarily assured debut: uncanny yet real, both lyrical and brutal, rich with truth about life and death.”—Michael Rutger, author of THE ANOMALY

"If you like haunted-house horror stories, this novel by Matt Query & Harrison Query is for you."—LifeSavvy

"In their debut novel, the Querys ramp up the mysterious and the psychological, in this well-written first novel."—Red Carpet Crash
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ISBN: 9781538721193
ISBN-10: 1538721198
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
Pages: 352
Language: English