The Unfastening: Poems (Paperback)

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In this, Wesley McNair's tenth collection of poetry, readers will
find not only the work of a mature poet, but a particular and
personal vision of life. Combining sorrow, humor, and joy, the
volume asks the difficult question: when faced with conflict and
struggle, how do you fasten yourself back down again? Beginning
with poems of grief and loss, the book moves to the losses
of others: a Japanese war bride whose husband's death leaves
her with two young children far from home; a survivalist who
talks to deer after his wife of 40 years has moved out on him;
an old and failed painter who ropes himself to his windswept
roof to view the beauty of coastal islands. The pursuit of beauty,
the blessings of nature, the love of a mate, and connections we
make with others in the course of everyday life, these are the
reigning consolations in the midst of unfastening.
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ISBN: 9781567925999
ISBN-10: 1567925995
Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher
Publication Date: July 27th, 2017
Language: English