Traveling the Two-Lane: A Memoir and Travelogue (Paperback)

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Inching through rush-hour traffic at the age of sixty-three, it dawned on Marilyn that she was also inching through life. At that moment, she decided to make the journey of her dreams-a long vacation, a year or more alone in a van. She spent months preparing to escape her settled home and habits, and in June of 2004, she got on the road. Destination: Alaska. A lifetime of memories accompanied her. As she drove, explored, and hiked, she pondered her past. Marilyn grew up gay at a time when homosexuality was not only illegal, but also considered a mental illness. For decades, she led a dual existence, trying to be "normal" while fantasizing about girls and women. Driving the two-lane back roads of North America, Marilyn grappled with her ever-present past and an uncertain future. "Traveling the Two-Lane" is the story of these two journeys-a solo sojourn across North America and a lifetime navigating as a closeted and conflicted lesbian in a world with changing opinions about same-sex love. Witnessing the riches of nature and genius of humankind while recognizing the evils of both, Marilyn confronts her past to better live her present.

Praise For…

“For those of us who live by the adage “Don’t judge me unless you’ve fought through the hell that I have,” allow me to introduce you to a courageous standard-bearer of immense stature. With her stunning Traveling the Two-Lane, first-time author Marilyn Berman not only captured my heart but greatly softened it as well. Never again will I condemn, ridicule or make light of that which I know nothing about. This is a brilliant journal, a must read for those wishing to step from out of yesterday’s darkness into the light of today’s reality.”
—Jedwin Smith, Author of Our Brother’s Keeper

"Traveling the Two Lane is both a timely and poignant memoir. With keen observation and humor and written in a down-to-earth tone, Berman's memoir is more than just a road trip as she explores present day America and evokes a deep sense of history."
—Dylan Ward, US Review of Books

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ISBN: 9781610055581
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Publication Date: February 26th, 2015
Pages: 276
Language: English