Nevaeh (Paperback)

Nevaeh By Wendy Erdman Heisel, Christine A. Swanson (Contribution by), Christine A. Swanson (Other) Cover Image
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A Prince fleeing marriage and an abused girl who learns her father is not blood unexpectedly meet. Abducted by pirates, chained together and tossed into a hold to endlessly row, the quarrelsome pair endures distress and mistreatment. She reveals the Prince's identity and he drags her into the ocean to escape. A seabird, like the hand of God, leads them across the island they washed up on. Not only at odds with the brigands, but each other, quick wit, guile and growing faith transform them into maturity. Although believed to be lost, miraculously her true father is found. He sends them homeward and to the Prince's intended. Through miry bogs, drifting at sea, alone in deep caverns with no seeming escape, these two must fend for each other or never see home. Realizing their desires must give way to responsibility and duty, they strive to face a separate future, unless... Wendy Erdman Heisel, born November 1975, lived in rural Wisconsin. Married, blessed with a daughter, her adventurous character led to writing. In 2014, Wendy was diagnosed with cancer. She survived, but in 2015, a seizure revealed tumors in her brain. Treated, the tumors shrank, but they returned. Though told she had less than a year to live, she fought. Wendy passed in October 2016. Wendy's encouragement: I know God's will is Perfect and Divine. We must trust Him, our faith must be constant. He will strengthen us so we can endure. Lean on God and let Him carry you when you cannot stand. Jesus opened my heart and did a work. I want to share His outpouring of love and contentment with others so they will be at peace too. Thank you, God, for my wonderful life, my salvation, my beautiful family and dearest friends. May God bless you all.
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ISBN: 9781662851506
ISBN-10: 1662851502
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: August 24th, 2022
Pages: 344
Language: English