Red Flower, White Moon (Paperback)

Red Flower, White Moon By Anusha Amrapali Cover Image
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Creator, Numu Naa'a, is the greatest artist. Creator created us to love His/Her creations through our creations. Everyone is an artist. Artists inspire other artists. In art, there's no thinking in black and white. Instead, there are many colors that can all be mixed and blended together. May this book paint layers of meaning in readers' minds and provide some food for thought to ultimately urge readers to take action and support the petition to honor our land by growing and sharing food in the community:

This book presents a mixture of ideas from various cultural traditions that shape the author's experiences, from her roots in Tamil Nadu, India, to Buddhist stories and practices, and Native American languages. Ultimately, she draws from the spirit of unity of all peoples and concepts on Mother Earth to reflect back to the world universally relatable themes, regardless of one's cultural background and upbringing.

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ISBN: 9781665305303
ISBN-10: 1665305304
Publisher: Booklogix
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2023
Pages: 68
Language: English