The Perfect Keto Dessert Cookbook: Foolproof, Quick & Easy Recipes that You'll Love to Cook and Eat (Hardcover)

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The Perfect Keto Dessert Cookbook: Foolproof, Quick & Easy Recipes that You'll Love to Cook and Eat By Grace Henry Cover Image
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After a particularly disastrous attempt at a Great British Bake Off recipe, my most recent birthday was rescued by Claire's Classic Birthday Cake -- the best yellow cake I've ever had, made by my husband who has made exactly one layer cake in the last eight years. Whether you are an experienced baker or you just enjoy eating delicious baked goods but have never used your oven, Dessert Person is the perfect book to turn to. One of my favorite features is the "Recipe Matrix" that shows where recipes fall in terms of both the time it takes to complete them and how difficult they are so you can choose what to make based on how ambitious you're feeling. 

This is as well put together a cookbook as I've come across, and I've spent time with a lot of cookbooks. All of the recipes are clear, with detailed instructions, useful modifications, and step-by-step pictures when warranted. Unlike so many cookbooks these days, each recipe is prefaced with just a single paragraph; there are no sweeping essays that wind their way through the author's life, eventually getting around to the food. Everything that my husband and I have baked from this book has come out amazingly, and we're enjoying eating our way through the whole thing. It's worth noting that despite the title, there is a chapter of savory baked goods as well, and they're just as delicious as the sweet.

An added bonus to this book is the Dessert Person video series on YouTube, in which Claire makes recipes from the book (and a few others). Watching a professional make these recipes, seeing exactly what color the butter should be browned to, what consistency a batter should be, all done in a tiny New York City kitchen that would drive me utterly insane, is so helpful and incredibly inspiring. 

— Lucinda, Longfellow Books


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