Mastering Your Choices: How To Achieve Choice Victory In Your Daily Life (Paperback)

Mastering Your Choices: How To Achieve Choice Victory In Your Daily Life By Geof Kaufman Cover Image
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DO YOU FEEL LIKE A PASSENGER IN LIFE - MERELY ALONG FOR THE RIDE? ARE YOU READY TO MOVE INTO THE DRIVER'S SEAT? You are at a crossroad in your life at this very moment - a point at which you have a simple but important choice to make. One option is to be content with your life as you know it right now. But if you want to improve your career, your relationships, and even your happiness, you can choose your other option - to start now, at this very moment, to TAKE IMMEDIATE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE Mastering Your Choices is the only control you can have over your life. - Geof Kaufman * Increase your awareness of your daily choices - even the subconscious ones * Realize all of your options and be sure that you consistently choose the best one * Recognize and triumph over the forces that can unduly influence your choices * Program your reactions to ensure they are actions you want * Improve your decision-making through the use of daily affirmations.

About the Author

Geof Kaufman is an author, entrepreneur and expert on how to achieve Choice Victory. His expertise on the subject of choice is a direct result of his unique life experiences. A retired U.S. Navy veteran, he gained much of his life wisdom from his more than 30 moves before and during his Navy career. Originally from Orange County, California, Geof has lived in the United States, Europe, and Asia and his travels abroad have taken him to more than 20 locations around the globe. His experiences and observations during his life-journey have taught him how choice affects us all as well as about the forces which influence our choices. He is a leading authority on Choice Awareness. Geof chooses to live, work and write in and around Tacoma, Washington.
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ISBN: 9781890427856
ISBN-10: 1890427853
Publisher: Geoffrey a Kaufman
Publication Date: May 16th, 2008
Pages: 134
Language: English