The Girl From Diana Park (Paperback)

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A child abduction cold case suddenly heats up. Could little Olivia still be alive? Will this be a happy ending or a grueling nightmare?

In THE GIRL FROM DIANA PARK, the third installment in the Damian Green series, Damian finds himself running against time to solve a cold case while trying to protect the women he loves from an unknown threat.

Damian Green lives by himself on a remote island in San Francisco Bay. In his spare time, he invents things and knows how to manipulate large amounts of data to find the truth hidden underneath.

Retired SJPD Detective Natalie Severino knows this and asks Damian to help her with a five-year-old child's abduction case from a local park. It is a cold case, one that Natalie is determined to solve.

Meanwhile, Damian and Ariana continue caring for teenager Hermione as Damian explores new angles in the search for the girl's parents. While Hermione may not know where her parents are, or if they are even alive after men rushed into their home nearly a year ago, someone else is convinced she does know where they are. That person is planning to use her to smoke out her parents.

Damian has his hands full chasing multiple mysteries while protecting the two women he's come to love.

Can Damian solve the mystery behind Olivia's disappearance and figure out the secret engulfing Hermione and her parents? There's only one way to find out.

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ISBN: 9781955436021
ISBN-10: 1955436029
Publisher: Gbsw Publishing
Publication Date: September 4th, 2021
Pages: 254
Language: English