A Passion for More: Affairs That Make or Break Us (Hardcover)

A Passion for More: Affairs That Make or Break Us By Susan Shapiro Barash Cover Image
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There is an exponential rise in female infidelity....
....according to bestselling gender expert Susan Shapiro Barash in her revealing updated investigation, A PASSION FOR MORE: AFFAIRS THAT MAKE OR BREAK US.
Her book is an intimate and trailblazing look at the reasons women in monogamous relationships and marriages take a lover and how they balance the emotional and physical aspects of these trysts. Women today are exploring their needs with a striking absence of guilt.
She astutely breaks down and analyzes: The four types of affairs: Empowering Affairs: Women have more opportunities today; an affair is an option. Sex-Driven Affairs: The major component of the affair is the sex. Love Affairs: These affairs happen when women least expect them. Self-Esteem Affairs: A lover makes the woman feel special and alive. She reveals: *Why a lover helps a woman to remain in an unhappy marriage or relationship. *How women renegotiate a marriage / monogamous relationship after the affair. *How an affair can improve one's marriage/monogamous relationship. *How an affair is often the catalyst to leave a marriage/longstanding relationship.

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ISBN: 9781959170013
ISBN-10: 1959170015
Publisher: Meridian Editions
Publication Date: October 11th, 2022
Pages: 336
Language: English