The Expectation of Marriage: Is It Helpful or Detrimental (Paperback)

The Expectation of Marriage: Is It Helpful or Detrimental By Cardell Mallett Cover Image
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The purpose of this book into inform couples who are dating and thinking about getting married. Marriage is an important step that couples go into sometimes, not knowing what to expect. Many couples just get married for the wrong reason and sometimes end up in a divorce. That causes them to have high expectations. That's why the title of this book is called Expectation of Marriage is it Helpful or Detrimental? Something to think about.? As you begin to read this book, I pray that you have and get a good understanding of what marriage is all about. Also, as the reader begins to read and get to chapter three, they will find out how divorce plays an important way in the marriage by how communication plays it important part in a marriage. Communication plays its part in marriage because once that stop working, then the marriage will break down and end up in divorce court. That's why communicating is very important in a couple's marriage. A couple's faith in God plays a major part in a marriage. This is where it all began, before God witnesses you.


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ISBN: 9798218093969
Publisher: Cardellmallett
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 36
Language: English