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Greetings Dear Readers,

As we grow up through childhood and adolescence, each year is accompanied by new benchmarks on the path to adulthood. And although we're often in a hurry to finish growing up, it's worth celebrating each step and each triumph along the way -- especially the new and ever-more-challenging books we're able to read.

For a sample of our favorite new books for middle readers and young adults, read on!

And don't miss the festivities this Saturday! We'll have a trio of terrific children's authors on hand, and every child that comes into the store gets a free book, up to a $10 value -- read on for all the details...

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12.01.2022: AS THEY GROW - Books Featured: An Atlas of Lost Kingdoms; The Girl Who Speaks Bear; The Aquanaut; Waking Beauty; All My Rage; The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee

11.29.2022: YOUNG AT HEARTBooks Featured: This Is Not My Hat; 99 Tomatoes and One Potato; Our Little Kitchen; Bathe the Cat; The More You Give; Knight Owl; Mina; Lizzy and the Cloud; If You Cry Like a Fountain; Mushroom Lullaby; Farmhouse; The Three Billy Goats Gruff; A Land of Books; Blue; How to Make a Mountain; A is for Bee; Over and Under the Waves; Caves

11.22.2022: SHORT AND SWEETBooks Featured: The Best American Short Stories 2022; The Best Short Stories 2022: The O. Henry Prize Winners; The Best Debut Short Stories 2022: The PEN America Dau Prize; Night of the Living Rez; Five Tuesdays in Winter; Liberation Day; Seven Empty Houses; Filthy Animals; You Have a Friend in 10A; Bliss Montage; First Person Singular; The Souvenir Museum

11.17.2022: OUR WONDROUS WORLDBooks Featured: The Song of the Cell; The Last Days of the Dinosaurs; Life Between the Tides; Finding the Mother Tree; Birds and Us; Islands of Abandonment; The Code Breaker; what if? 2; Sounds Wild and Broken; This Is Your Mind on Plants; The Bald Eagle; Under a White Sky

11.15.2022: LIVES RELIVEDBooks Featured: The Light We Carry; Orwell's Roses; Sigh, Gone; Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?; And There Was Light; The Ride of Her Life; Stay True; You Don't Belong Here; The Bookseller of Florence; Girlhood; Dirtbag, Massachusetts; Between Two Kingdoms; Somebody's Daughter

11.10.2022: PRESENTING THE PAST - Books Featured: American Midnight; Splendid & the Vile; Indigenous Continent; The Free World; Undelivered; Children of Ash & Elm; In Whose Ruins: Born of Lakes & Plains; Cuba; Rebels at Sea; Covered with Night; Life on the Mississippi

11.08.2022: TASTY TREATSBooks Featured: What's for Dessert; The Wok; Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Extra Good Things; Breaking Bread; Art of the Chicken; Go-To Dinners; Mi Cocina; Dinner in One; Vegetable, Forest, Ocean; Korean American; Half Baked Harvest Every Day

11.03.2022: BEYOND REALITYBooks Featured: A Desolation Called Peace; Sea of Tranquility; Harrow; The Daughter of Doctor Moreau; The Half Life of Valery K; Venomous Lumpsucker; Project Hail Mary; The Employees

11.01.2022: UTTERLY FANTASTICBooks Featured: The World We Make; Moon Witch Spider King; Nona the Ninth; The Golden Enclaves; Book of Night; When Women Were Dragons; Fairy Tale; The Blacktongue Thief, She Who Became the Sun

10.27.2022: FROM EARTH TO SKY - Books Featured: Finding the Mother Tree; Elderflora; A Beginner's Guide to Recognizing Trees of the Northeast; The Sibley Guide to Trees; Trees of North America; The Trees in My Forest; The Songs of Trees; Jungle; Evergreen; The Treeline; The Arbornaut; A Trillion Trees

10.25.2022: LOOKING WITHINBooks Featured: The Song of the Cell; Inciting Joy; The Passenger; The Plague; Anywhere You Run; Puffin; Ready for Spaghetti; Seen & Unseen; The Civil War of Amos Abernathy

10.18.2022: LIBERATION DAY HAS ARRIVEDBooks Featured: Liberation Day; Demon Copperhead; Seven Empty Houses; Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Extra Good Things; Orwell's Roses; Empire of Pain; The Three Billy Goats Gruff; Frizzy; The Snow Fell Three Graves Deep; Snow White Learns Witchcraft

10.13.2022: SHEER GENIUSBooks Featured: The Home Place; Sparrow Envy; Heavy; How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America; Braiding Sweetgrass; Gathering Moss 

10.11.2022: FROM THE SKY - Books Featured: The Furies; Dinosaurs; Little Eve; My Monticello; 1979; When Two Feathers Fell from the Sky; Mushroom Lullaby; A Place to Hang the Moon; Well Done, Mommy Penguin; The Red Parts

10.02.2022: HEROES & MONSTERSBooks Featured: Our Missing Hearts; American Midnight; The Hero of This Book; A Carnival of Snackery; Crossroads; Project Hail Mary; Caves; Man Made Monsters; A Rover's Story; The Sagas of the Icelanders

09.27.2022: FESTIVITIESBooks Featured: The Furrows; The Golden Enclaves; The English Understand Wool; Cloud Cuckoo Land; Solutions & Other Problems; You Are Not a Sh*tty Parent; The Woman Who Killed the Fish; This Is Not My Hat; The Door of No Return; The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse; Acts of Desperation

09.22.2022: BANNING BOOKSBooks Featured: The Left Hand of Darkness; Maus; The Catcher in the Rye; 1984; The Color Purple; The 1619 Project; Animal Farm; The Handmaid's Tale; Stamped from the Beginning; I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings; Slaughterhouse Five; Catch-22; The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; The Bluest Eye; Fahrenheit 451

09.20.2022: REUNIONSBooks Featured: Lucy by the Sea; Indigenous Continent; Less is Lost; Best Debut Short Stories 2022; The Magician; The Right to Sex; Call Him Jack; Maya's Song; Odder; Cult Classic

09.15.2022: THE MAKING OF A POETBooks Featured: Bukowski: A Life; The Beauty of Living; These Fevered Days; Super-Infinite; Keats; Cross of Snow; Savage Beauty; Pessoa

09.13.2022: CLOSE TO HOMEBooks Featured: Lungfish; Nona the Ninth; Bliss Montage; Civilizations; The Best Short Stories 2022; Farmhouse; The Line in the Sand; Inaugural Ballers; The Tea Dragon Society

09.08.2022: EVENTFUL DAYS AHEADBooks Featured: Foodtopia; This Land Was Saved for You and Me; Koshersoul; The Last Altruist; Late Wonders

09.06.2022: COMMUNITY MINDEDBooks Featured: Foodtopia; Gentrification Is Inevitable and Other Lies; If I Survive You; Status and Culture; Matrix; The Sentence; One Sky; Amber and Clay; The Weight of Blood; The Dire Days of Willowweep Manor

08.30.2022: A HOUSE ON HIS BACKBooks Featured: Carrie Soto is Back; Didn't Nobody Give a Shit What Happened to Carlotta; Diary of a Misfit; Golden Ax; Survive the Night; Wandering Earth; The Midnight Children; Sal Boat; The Mouse Who Carried a House on His Back; Little Weirds

08.25.2022: FUN & GAMES - Books Featured: 99 Tomatoes and One Potato; Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book!; Dog Man Guide to Creating Comics in 3-D; The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Things to Do; A Kid's Guide to Chess; The Floor is Lava; Hard Sudoku vol. 4; The Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary; The NYT Sunday Crossword Omnibus Vol. 9; Seven Games

08.23.2022: BY THE ROARING SEA Books Featured: Afterlives; Babel; Meet Us By the Roaring Sea; What Storm, What Thunder; All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days; Not a Nation of Immigrants; I Can Explain; Lemon Bird; Marcel's Masterpiece; She Drives Me Crazy

08.18.2022: BORDERS AREN'T BOUNDARIES - Books Featured: Paradais; The Employees; When I Sing, Mountains Dance; It Must Be a Misunderstanding; Diary of a Void; Chinatown; The Books of Jacob; Scattered All Over the Earth; Identitti; You Can Be the Last Leaf; Portrait of an Unknown Lady; All the Lovers in the Night

08.16.2022: ON THE HORIZONBooks Featured: Raising Lazarus; Stories from the Tenants Downstairs; The Book of Delights; Heaven; The Nameless Ones; Gravebooks; On the Horizon; I'll Be Gone in the Dark

08.11.2022: MOONLIT MOMENTSBooks Featured: Little Owl's Night; Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me; Nigel and the Moon; Shy Willow; A Big Mooncake for Little Star; The Night Wild; Music for Mr. Moon; Chase the Moon, Tiny Turtle

08.09.2022: IN FLIGHTBooks Featured: The Women Could Fly; Moth; Birds and Us; Harlem Shuffle; About Time; Everybody; Empty Smiles; How You Grow Wings; If You Cry Like a Fountain; Lessons in Chemistry

08.02.2022: A STEADY DIET - Books Featured: The Last White Man; The Book Eaters; The Rabbit Hutch; The Arsonists' City; Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth; The More You Give; My Imaginary Mary; The Ghost of Spruce Point; The Haunting of Hill House

07.26.2022: UNCOMMON STARS - Books Featured: The Half Life of Valery K.; The Last to Vanish; How to Read Now; Putin; The Kingdoms; Light From Uncommon Stars; Noor; Beasts of Ruin; Beating Heart Baby; The World's Longest Licorice Rope; Priestdaddy

07.21.2022: NEW FOR THE NATION - Books Featured: The Hurting Kind; The Carrying; Bright Dead Things; Sharks in the Rivers

07.19.2022: EASY DOES ITBooks Featured: The Daughter of Doctor Moreau; Dirtbag, Massachusetts; Dark Earth; This Is Your Mind on Plants; Intimacies; A Master of Djinn; The Girl Who Drew Butterflies; Berry Song; The Language of Sea Birds; The City of Brass

07.14.2022: STORM CLOUDSBooks Featured: The Cloud Book; The Magic School Bus: Inside a Hurricane; Bruce's Big Storm; Hurricane; The Wreck of the Portland; A Furious Sky; Into the Raging Sea; The Vortex; The Worst Hard Time; Isaac's Storm

07.12.2022: SUMMER FUN - Books Featured: Venomous Lumpsucker; Sirens & Muses; Gods of Want; Body Language; More Than I Love My Life; New Waves; Brother's Keeper; Puppy Bus; Wake the Bones; Glow

07.05.2022: PINE TREE TALES - Books Featured: The Earthspinner; Fellowship Point; Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow; Night of the Living Rez; Nightbitch; Ramadan Ramsey; Clap When You Land; Weird Kid; Just Kids

06.30.2022: ASPIRATIONSBooks Featured: The Demon Tide; Hatchet Island; Station Eleven; Cult Classic; Klara & the Sun; Sense & Second-Degree Murder; The Right to Sex; Otherlands; Drunk on All Your Strange New Words; We Had to Remove This Post; Heretics of Dune; Bright Dead Things

06.28.2022: STRANGE NEW WORLDSBooks Featured: Rogues; Thrust; Drunk on All Your Strange New Words; Hell of a Book; The Last Graduate; She Who Became the Sun; Our Crooked Hearts; My Name Is Jason. Mine Too.; Valentina Salazar Is Not a Monster Hunter

06.21.2022: LONG DAYS, GOOD BOOKS - Books Featured: Lapvona; Everyone Knows Your Mother Is a Witch; Filthy Animals; Finding the Mother Tree; Slow Fire Burning; The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu; The Name She Gave Me; Building; The Box In the Woods

06.16.2022: FAVORITES FOR FATHERS Books Featured: Horse; Phasers on Stun!; The Man from the Future; The Bald Eagle; Confidence Men; Take One Fish; Riverman; The Wok; The Lincoln Highway; Dad Jokes; There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important than Kindness; In Search of a Kingdom

06.14.2022: FORM & EMPTINESSBooks Featured: Ghost Lover; Horse; The Twilight World; The Book of Form & Emptiness; Islands of Abandonment; Final Girl Support Group; Brand New Boy; The Sea-Ringed World; Franklin Endicott & the Third Key

06.07.2022: INTO THE SUNSETBooks Featured: The Ride of Her Life; Nightcrawling; Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?; The Kingdom of Sand; Beautiful World, Where Are You; Rez Dogs; The Gifts that Bind Us; Too Bright to See; The Everybody Ensemble

06.02.2022: MAKING A SPLASH - Books Featured: How High We Go in the Dark; Vladimir; Black Cloud Rising; Vagabonds!; Four Treasures of the Sky; Little Foxes Took Up Matches; A Tiny Upward Shove; Activities of Daily Living; Kaikeyi; We Do What We Do In the Dark; The Immortal King Rao; Such Big Dreams; Planes; An Olive Grove in Ends; How to Be Eaten

05.24.2022: CLOCK WORK - Books Featured: Breaking Bread; Either/Or; We Had to Remove This Post; Helgoland; Girlhood; The Madness of Crowds; The Stuff of Stars; The Well; Four Thousand Weeks

05.19.2022: CON-GRAD-ULATIONSBooks Featured: About Time; The Dawn of Everything; Figuring; Big Friendship; How to Not Always Be Working; Cooking at Home; How to Do Nothing; A Field Guide to Getting Lost; Look I Bought Plants; 

05.17.2022: FINDING OUR ROOTSBooks Featured: Atoms and Ashes; Serious Face; Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance; Malibu Rising; The Ground Breaking; Floaters; Celia Planted a Garden; Dress Coded; Swim Team; Baking with Dorie

05.10.2022: RURAL REVIVAL - Books Featured: Dirt Road Revival; Paradais; Siren Queen; The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois; The Guide; I Will Die in a Foreign Land; Hollow Fires; The Natural Genius of Ants; The Stepping Off Place; Under Water, Under Earth

05.05.2022: FOR ALL THE MOTHERS - Books Featured: In the Margins; The Ride of Her Life; Fight Night; Worn; Night Bitch; World of Wonders; Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch; An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed; A Modern Parent's Guide to Nursery Rhymes; The Maine House; Very Funny Ladies; The Lost Kitchen

05.03.2022: ISLAND LIFE - Books Featured: Big Truck Little Island; When Women Were Dragons; Mi Cocina; All the Lovers in the Night; Book of Night; Somebody's Daughter; The Plot; The Code Breaker; The Hate U Give; LIzzy and the Cloud; Pride and Premeditation

04.28.2022: SEEING GREEN - Books Featured: Run Wild; Have You Ever Seen a Flower?; The First Blade of Sweetgrass; The Night Gardener; On a Magical Do-Nothing Day; In My Garden; Forest; Skywatcher; Little Witch Hazel; Children of the Forest

04.26.2022: THE BIG QUESTIONS - Books Featured: Lucky Turtle; The Last Days of the Dinosaurs; Bloodlands; Genesis; The Living Sea of Waking Dreams; Book of Questions; The Code Breaker; The Anthropocene Reviewed 

04.21.2022: GOOD SPORT - Books Featured: True; All In; The Master; The Kaepernick Effect; One Life; Ali; I Came as a Shadow; The Barcelona Complex

04.19.2022: THE CUSP OF TECHNOLOGY - Books Featured: The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures; Blood Sugar; Indelible City; Early Morning Riser; Second Place; The Bookseller of Florence; The Brave; The Snowy Owl Scientist; Tiny Dino; The Verifiers

04.14.2022: LOOKING AT HISTORY - Books Featured: Born of Lakes and Plains; Legacy of Violence; The 1619 Project; Worn; The Shattering; The Dawn of Everything

04.12.2022: GETTING OUT ALIVE - Books Featured: Constructing a Nervous System; Nobody Gets Out Alive; One-Shot Harry; A Swim in a Pond in the Rain; Hot Stew; The Very Last Interview; Button Pusher; High Spirits; The Last Mapmaker; Vladimir

04.07.2022: OUT AND ABOUT - Books Featured: Big Truck, Little Island; Phasers on Stun!; Hatchet Island

04.05.2022: TO THE MOON AND BACK - Books Featured: Young Mungo; The Candy House; Sigh, Gone; Time is a Mother; The Trayvon Generation; Heartbroke; Great Circle; Under a White Sky; The Premonition; The Woman Who Split the Atom; Billy Miller Makes a Wish; Sea of Tranquility

03.31.2022: MAKING MARKS - Books Featured: Journey; Window; Flotsam; Before After; The Paper Boat; Another; Professional Crocodile; The Wanderer; Zoom; Hike; The Arrival; Aquarium

03.29.2022: THE FOREST FOR THE TREES - Books Featured: Ten Steps to Nanette; Ever Green; Legacy of Violence; My Heart is a Chainsaw; The Chosen and the Beautiful; In Search of a Kingdom; Cress Watercress; The Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin; She's Too Pretty to Burn; 10 Days

03.24.2022: THE SILVER SCREEN - Books Featured: The Queens of Animation; Camera Man; Alright, Alright, Alright; Colorization; Shooting Midnight Cowboy; Trejo; The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock; Buster Keaton; Just As I Am; Garbo: Mr. Know-It-All; Cary Grant

03.22.2022: PORTRAIT OF AN UNKNOWN READER - Books Featured: The Emergency; Portrait of an Unknown Lady; The Shame Machine; The Final Revival of Opal & Nev; My Volcano; Places of Mind; Hello, Puddle!; Prairie Lotus; We Dream of Space; Little Owl Lost

03.15.2022: SECRET IDENTITIES - Books Featured: Secret Identity; How to Take Over the World; Vagabonds!; The Promise; An Atlas of Extinct Countries; Body Work; Chester Van Chime Who Forgot How to Rhyme; Falling Short; Knight Owl; My Heart is a Chainsaw

03.10.2022: AROUND THE WORLD - Books Featured: State of the World Atlas; The Ghost Map; Atlas of the Invisible; Mapping America; Atlas Obscura; The Body Atlas; Concise World Atlas; The Atlas of Migrating Plants and Animals; Maps of the World; Map; The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer; Atlas of the Heart

03.08.2022: GOING FOR A WOK - Books Featured: In Love; The Way Spring Arrives; The Wok; A Little Devil in America; Women and Other Monsters; Last Exit; The Ogress and the Orphans; Lakelore; Squire; The Devil and the Dairy Princess

03.03.2022: IN A FOREIGN LAND - Books Featured: I Will Die in a Foreign Land

03.01.2022: ALL OVER THE EARTH - Books Featured: The Bald Eagle; Sounds Wild and Broken; The Invisible Kingdom; Klara and the Sun; Scattered All Over the Earth; The Doloriad; The Aquanaut; Gallant; A Thousand Steps Into Night; Sappho

02.24.2022: STORM COMING - Books Featured: Shit Cassandra Saw; The Anthropocene Reviewed; The Free World; We Ride Upon Sticks

02.22.2022: LIFE BETWEEN THE PAGES - Books Featured: Life Between the Tides; Scoundrel; Sentient; When I'm Gone, Look for Me in the East; The Copenhagen Trilogy; A Most Remarkable Creature; You Don't Belong Here; The Digger and the Ducking; How to Change Everything; A Spindle Splintered

02.17.2022: NOT TOO LATE

02.15.2022: SPLENDID - Books Featured: Born of Lakes and Plains; Index, A History of the; Moon Witch, Spider King; The Treeline; The Free World; No One Is Talking About This; The Splendid and the Vile; Be Here to Love Me at the End of the World; Blue; Furia; Mina; Women and Other Monsters


02.08.2022: WELL EDUCATED - Books Featured: A Molecule Away From Madness; Night Shift; Educated; Fake Accounts; The Prophets; How The South Won the Civil War; Bathe the Cat; How to Change Everything; Out of a Jar; We Share the Same Sky; We Ride Upon Sticks

02.03.2022: A SPARK OF ROMANCE - Books Featured: A Lot Like Adios; Red, White & Royal Blue; The Kiss Quotient; The Singles Table; The Dating Plan; The Marriage Game; Persuasion; Sense and Sensibility; Pride and Prejudice; Party of Two; While We Were Dating; The Proposal; The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo; This Is How You Lose the Time War; The Night Circus

02.01.2022: A LAUREATE'S LATEST - Books Featured: The Books of Jacob; Thank You, Mr. Nixon; Four Hundred Souls; All That She Carried; The Vanishing Half; The Girl Who Speaks Bear; I Must Betray You; Legendborn; Anthem

01.27.2022: STORIES FOR A SNOWY DAY - Books Featured: Katy and the Big Snow; Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?; Little Owl's Snow; The Hat; The Mitten; Bear Snores On; The Snowy Day; Snow

01.25.2022: A TASTE OF WHAT'S TO COME - Books Featured: Notes on an Execution; Devil House; Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profiteers; Enough Rope; The Five Wounds; Let Me Tell You What I Mean; Overground Railroad; Agatha of Little Neon

01.20.2022: START YOUR OVENS! - Books Featured: A Good Bake; Sourdough; Sister Pie; Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking; The Best-Ever Cookie Book; Dessert Person; The New Way to Cake; A Bake for All Seasons; Baking with Dorie; The Cake Book; Cookies

01.18.2022: REVOLUTIONARY - Books Featured: Angela Davis; How High We Go in the Dark; Manifesto on Never Giving Up; The Doctors Blackwell; Borders; Watch Over Me; Happy Hour


01.11.2022: THE YEAR'S TOP 100 - Books Featured: Finding Freedom; Klara and the Sun; Rules for Visiting; Downeast; Field Notes for Food Adventure; Take It Easy; Braiding Sweetgrass; Dead By Dawn; Cloud Cuckoo Land; Crying in H-Mart


12.21.2021: HOME STRETCH

12.16.2021: FINISHING TOUCHES - Books Featured: Klara and the Sun; Whereabouts; Crying in H Mart; The Birds of America; Gastro Obscura; The Best American Short Stories, 2021; The Best American Essays, 2021; The O. Henry Prize Winners, 2021; The Lincoln Highway; Cloud Cuckoo Land; Beautiful World, Where Are You; Harlem Shuffle; Orwell's Roses; A Little Devil in America; On Freedom; This is Your Mind on Plants

12.14.2021: WONDERS OF THE WORLD - Books Featured: The Best American Science and Nature Writing, 2021; Entangled Life; Under A White Sky; Why Fish Don't Exist; The Mushroom at the End of the World; Life's Edge; Metazoa; Some Assembly Required; Vesper Flights; A World on the Wing; All We Can Save; Genesis; A Most Remarkable Creature

12.09.2021: LIVING OTHER LIVES - Books Featured: Crying in H Mart; The Bookseller of Florence; An Onion in My Pocket; The Dead Are Arising; A Carnival of Snackery; Orwell's Roses; Good Boy; The Ride of Her Life; The Mystery of Charles Dickens; Alexander the Great; World Travel; The Confidence Men; All In; In Search of a Kingdom; The Zealot and the Emancipator

12.07.2021: MORE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE HOLIDAYS - Books Featured: Klara and the Sun; No One is Talking About This; Minor Feelings; Mexican Gothic; The Book of Form and Emptiness; A Little Devil in America; Luster; Death in Her Hands; Big Friendship; Ballad for Sophie; Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead; Every Minute is a Day; And Now I Spill the Family Secrets; Hot Stew

12.02.2021: FOR EVERY AGE - Books Featured: How Do You Dance?; Mix It Up; Goodnight Veggies; The Rock from the Sky; The First Blade of Sweetgrass; Hattie & Hudson; The Magic School Bus Explores Human Evolution; Nina; Unbound; The Kids of Cattywampus Street; The Dark Lord Clementine; Pony; The Sea-Ringed World; Amazon River; Ocean Planet; We Are Not From Here; Jelly; Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All; Last Witnesses; How To Change Everything; Black Birds in the Sky

11.30.2021: RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE HOLIDAYS - Books Featured: Nobody Will Tell You This But Me; Civilizations; Beautiful World, Where Are You; Felon; The Temple House Vanishing; And I Do Not Forgive You; Four Hundred Souls; The Lightness; Ghost Variations; The Mushroom at the End of the World; Monsters; The Guest List; Recollections of My Nonexistence; Penny

11.23.2021: OUR STORIED HISTORY - Books Featured: The Dawn of Everything; About Time; Humankind; Mudlark; Girly Drinks; How the Word is Passed; The Free World; Four Hundred Souls; Facing the Mountain; The 1619 Project; Four Lost Cities; First Principles

11.18.2021: FOR THE KIDS!

11.16.2021: FIRST, THE FOOD! - Books Featured: Cooking at Home; New Native Kitchen; Black Food; Baking with Dorie; That Sounds So Good; Take One FIsh; The Maine Farm Table Cookbook; Vegetable Simple; Cook This Book; Ottolenghi Test Kitchen; Simply Julia; Rodney Scott's World of BBQ; Cook, Eat, Repeat; Field Notes for Food Adventure; Grains for Every Season

11.11.2021: THOUGHTFUL REFLECTION - Books Featured: Call Us What We Carry; In The Lateness of the World; Wicked Enchantment; Felon; Deke Dangle Dive; The Carrying; Twice Alive; The Octopus Museum; Other People's Comfort Keeps Me Up At Night; Runaway; The Absurd Man; The Best American Poetry, 2021; Such Color; Against Silence; Dearly; Refractive Africa

11.09.2021: LONG LONG AGO - Books Featured: Five Tuesdays in Winter; The Dawn of Everything; Look For Me And I'll Be Gone; First Principles; The Office of Historical Corrections; No One Else; Otto; Skywatcher

11.04.2021: LOOKING AHEAD TO THE HOLIDAYS - Books Featured: Kalamata's Kitchen; Field Notes for Food Adventure

11.02.2021: SEARCHING - Books Featured: Ottolenghi Test Kitchen; The Island of Missing Trees; The Least of Us; The Searcher; To Be A Man; Dearly; Aaron Slater, Illustrator; The Story of More; In The Meadow of Fantasies

10.28.2021: ATLAS OF THE HEART - Books Featured: Atlas of the Heart

10.26.2021: STORMY SEASON - Books Featured: The Nameless Ones; Cooking At Home; Five Decembers; Memorial; Black Futures; Metazoa; How Do You Live?; Neverforgotten; Waffles and Pancake; A Deadly Education; The Last Graduate

10.21.2021: THE BOO! IN BOOKS - Books Featured: Nightbooks; Pet; Truly Devious; Scary Stories for Young Foxes; The Monsters of Rookhaven; Dont Turn Out the Lights; Squad; Small Spaces; The Graveyard Book; Frankenstein; Only If You Dare; Dracula

10.19.2021: ROSES ARE RED - Books Featured: Oh William!; Orwell's Roses; Girly Drinks; I Will Die in a Foreign Land; The Ministry of the Future; The Daughters of Yalta; African Icons; Opposites Abstract; Nobody Owns the Moon; Dune

10.14.2021: A LASTING LEGACY - Books Featured: Hatchet; Gone to the Woods; How to Train Your Dad

10.12.2021: BEST IN CLASS - Books Featured: State of Terror; Move; When Two Feathers Fell From the Sky; The Best American Series: Short Stories, Essays, Science & Nature Writing, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Travel Writing and Food Writing; The Zealot & the Emancipator; The Night Gardiner; Oksi; Civilizations

10.07.2021: NATIONAL RENOWN - Books Featured: Cloud Cuckoo Land; Matrix, Zorrie; The Prophets; Hell of a Book; A Little Devil in America, Running Out; Tastes Like War; Covered With Night; All That She Carried

10.05.2021: CATCH AND RELEASE - Books Featured: The Lincoln Highway; Crossroads; Fight Night; Detransition, Baby; Infinite Country; The Cold Millions; Black Birds in the Sky; Dreams From My Father; Red; The Grammarians

09.30.2021: PURE GENIUS - Books Featured: A Little Devil in America; The King is Always Above the People; Felon; Yi Sang; Marking Time; How to Be an Antiracist; The Injustice Never Leaves You; Let My People Vote; Algorithms of Oppression; Race for Profit

09.28.2021: FALLING FROM THE SKY - Books Featured: Cloud Cuckoo Land; Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid; Please Don't Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes; Best American Poetry 2021; Wagnerism; The Constant Rabbit; Pony; The Beatryce Prophecy; It Fell From the Sky; Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch

09.23.2021: COUNTING BOOKS - Books Featured: The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes; 1 Grumpy Bruce; A Little Book About 1-2-3s; Counting on Community; One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish; 10 Spooky Pumpkins; Two Many Birds; In The Half Room; I Can Only Draw Worms; One Is A Lot (Except When It's Not); The Boy Who Dreamed of Infinity

09.21.2021: AT THIS VERY MOMENT - Books Featured: Bewilderment; The Book of Form and Emptiness; Lean Fall Stand; The Lying Life of Adults; The Price of the TIcket; Earthlings; Kaleidoscope; Change Sings; At This Very Moment; Beautiful World, Where Are You

09.16.2021: THE SHORTLIST - Books Featured: No One Is Talking About This; The Promise; Great Circle; A Passage North; Bewilderment; The Fortune Men

09.14.2021: TEMPTING - Books Featured: Harlem Shuffle; Fuzz; Conquering the Pacific; The Best Short Stories 2021; Eartheater; From the Neck Up and Other Stories; There's A Ghost in This House; Nina; Maybe...; Ring Shout; The Secret Lives of Church Ladies

09.09.2021: ON A WHIM

09.07.2021: AT LONG LAST - Books Featured: Beautiful World, Where Are You; Matrix; On Freedom; Just Us; Piranesi; The Breaks; Norman Didn't Do It (Yes He Did); Pax, Journey Home; Willodeen; Monster Friends

09.02.2021: A LEGACY OF LOVE - Books Featured: The Isolation Artist

08.31.2021: READNG AND BEING READ - Books Featured: Take One Fish; My Heart Is A Chainsaw; The Afghanistan Papers; Having and Being Had; Some Assembly Required; God's Shadow; Last Witnesses; Friends Forever; Doing Business; And Now I Spill the Family Secrets

08.26.2021: THE LAST DAYS OF ROBERT INDIANA - Books Featured: The Isolation Artist

08.24.2021: THE MADNESS OF CROWDS - Books Featured: The Madness of Crowds; The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois; The Failed Promise; Sisters; The Distant Dead; Best Debut Short Stories 2021; Down to Earth; The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess; The Missing Pairs; French Exit

08.19.2021: DOWN IN THE DEPTHS - Books Featured: The Brilliant Abyss; Fathoms; Below the Edge of Darkness; Shark Drunk; Deep; The Boundless Sea; Waves and Beaches; Swimming to the Top of the Tide; The Tide; Ocean Anatomy; The World Beneath; The Sound of the Sea

08.17.2021: NIGHTTIME READING - Books Featured: Velvet Was the Night; All In; At Night All Blood Is Black; The Lost Pianos of Siberia; Storm; The Last Cuentista; Free Lunch; Lobizona; Blue Summer

08.12.2021: WHAT REMAINS

08.10.2021: WHAT TO READ WHEN - Books Featured: The King of Infinite Space; Mrs. March; Ramadan Ramsey; Fallout; What To Miss When; Superdoom; The First Blade of Sweetgrass; Call Me American; In The Wild Light; Schlump

08.05.2021: STUDENTS OF SUMMER - Books Featured: Amazon River; A Life Electric; Inside Animals; Rhinos In Nebraska; The Secret Science of Sports; The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Elements; The Unwanted; Looking Up; Unbound; The Magic School Bus Explores Human Evolution; Unconventional Vehicles; Island

08.03.2021: SHARDS OF SUMMER - Books Featured: Every Minute Is a Day; Billy Summers; Run; Shards of Earth; The Guest List; Warmth; Tecumseh and the Prophet; Raybearer; Amazon River; The Black Witch

07.29.2021: EVERY MINUTE IS A DAY - Books Featured: Every Minute Is a Day

07.27.2021: MINUTE BY MINUTE - Books Featured: Every Minute Is a Day; Fierce Little Thing; Godspeed; We Want What We Want; The City We Became; Begin Again; I Hold a Wolf by the Ears; Grown; When Grandfather Flew; Weird Kid; And I Do Not Forgive You

07.22.2021: TIMELY FICTION - Books Featured: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street; The Future of Another Timeline; The Heavens; The Archive of Alternate Endings; This Is How You Lose the Time War; The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August; The Light Brigade; All You Need Is Kill; Slaughterhouse-Five; Outlander; An Ocean of Minutes; The Time Traveler's Wife; Oona Out of Order; Timeline; The Bone Clocks; 11/22/63; Kindred; How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe; Orlando

07.20.2021: VANISHING - Books Featured: The Temple House Vanishing; Intimacies; Nightbitch; Until Proven Safe; All We Can Save; Fathoms; Pew; Where the World Ends; Rhinos in Nebraska; Long Walk to Freedom

07.15.2021: THIS SATURDAY: A DRAW-OFF! - Books Featured: Hattie & Hudson; We Will Rock Our Classmates; The Temple House Vanishing

07.13.2021: DRAWING TOGETHER - Books Featured: Seek You; A Psalm for the Wild-Built; The Letters of Shirley Jackson; Vesper Flights; Morte; The Unwanted; Super Fake Love Song; Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead


07.06.2021: WITH THE TIDES - Books Featured: This is Your Mind on Plants; Falling; The Exiles; Big Friendship; Transcendent Kingdom; The Kids of Cattywampus Street; Terrific!; The Temple House Vanishing

07.01.2021: JULY EVENTS - Books Featured: The Exiles; Hattie & Hudson; We Will Rock Our Classmates; The Temple House Vanishing

06.29.2021: ON THE RISE - Books Featured: Dead By Dawn; The Personal Librarian; All The Devils Are Here; A Burning; Burn; Harry Versus the First Hundred Days of School; Penny

06.24.2021: A SPECIAL SATURDAY - Books Featured: Dead By Dawn

06.22.2021: THEN AND NOW - Books Featured: Dead By Dawn; The Maine House; Who They Was; Death In Her Hands; Twilight of Democracy; The Lightness; My Own World; Monster Friends; Unbound

06.17.2021: REASONS TO GATHER - Books Featured: Union; Dead By Dawn

06.15.2021: WAITING FOR RAIN - Books Featured: The KIlling Hills; Morningside Heights; Union; Mexican Gothic; A Girl is a Body of Water; Again Again; The Box in the Woods; Four Hundred Souls

06.10.2021: DEAREST DAD - Books Featured: You're Dad; Facing the Mountain; Helgoland; The Confidence Men; Project Hail Mary; The Committed; 2034; What It's Like to Be A Bird; Entangled Life; The Ice at the End of the World; Chasing the Thrill; The Splendid and the Vile; In Search of a Kingdom; A Little Devil in America; A Wealth of Pigeons; Rodney Scott's World of BBQ

06.08.2021: WHILE THEY'RE HOT - Books Featured: Night Came With Many Stars; Everyone Knows Your Mother Is A Witch; The Plague Year; One Last Lie; Luster; All Our Hidden Gifts; Faraway Things; Turtle In A Tree; Nia And The New Free Library; Haven Point

06.03.2021: FUN ON THE HORIZON - Books Featured: Night Came With Many Stars; Haven Point; In The Heights; Union; Dead by Dawn

06.01.2021: A SWEET SLATE - Books Featured: The Ride of Her Life; The Confidence Men; Islands of Abandonment; On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous; If It Bleeds; Instructions for Dancing; The Magic School Bus Explores Human Evolution; A Little Devil in America

05.27.2021: THE VERY IMPORTANT ILLUSTRATORS - Books Featured: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom; The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Color Zoo; Leaf Man; Planting a Rainbow; The Very Busy Spider; The Grouchy Ladybug; Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

05.25.2021: LIFE DOWNEAST - Books Featured: Downeast; Day Zero; Helgoland; Homeland Elegies; One Mighty and Irresistible Tide; Aetherbound; MIx It Up!; Minor Feelings

05.20.2021: MORE THAN JUST RECIPES - Books Featured: Finding Freedom; The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book; The Man Who Ate Too Much; Notes From a Young Black Chef; Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger; An Onion in My Pocket; The Apprentice; Heat; Dirt; The Cooking Gene; Eat A Peach; Always Home; My Life in France; Stalking the Wild Asparagus; A Cook's Tour

05.18.2021: CHASING THE THRILL - Books Featured: Light Perpetual; Chasing the Thrill; Hamnet; The Inner Life of Animals; We Are Not From Here; Jelly; Dessert Person

05.13.2021: OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

05.11.2021: FACING THE SUN - Books Featured: Facing the Mountain; The Plot; Journey to the Edge of Reason; The Dirty South; Summer; Hattie and Hudson; Line and Scribble; Wintering


05.04.2021: A SECOND CHANCE - Books Featured: Second Chances; Project Hail Mary; Great Circle; Second Place; The Mirror & The Light; Utopia Avenue; The Bruce Swap; The Crayons' Book of Feelings; Monsters

04.29.2021: THE INTERNET AGE - Books Featured: Fake Accounts; The Silence; No One is Talking About This; The Circle; Trick Mirror; Snow Crash; Sympathy; Neuromancer; Self Care; The universal Subject of Our Time; How to Break Up with Your Phone; Reclaiming Conversation

04.27.2021: FOR MOMS OF ALL KINDS - Books Featured: The Bomber Mafia; Buses Are a Comin'; The Law of Innocence; How to Pronounce Knife; Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All; Echo Mountain; Can You Find My Robot's Arm?; Finding Freedom

04.22.2021: FINDING FREEDOM, RESCHEDULED! - Books Featured: Finding Freedom; Flavor; Dessert Person; No-Recipe Recipes; The Hill We Climb; Becoming; Kamala's Way; Writers & Lovers; Landslide; The Souvenir Museum; Recollections of My Nonexistence; Good Boy; Solutions and Other Problems; The Three Mothers; The Equivalents; Confident Women; The City of Good Death

04.20.2021: UNDERGROUND - Books Featured: The Man Who Lived Underground; Margreete's Harbor; World Travel; The Price of Peace; Such a Fun Age; A Shot in the Arm; How Do You Dance?; No One is Talking About This; Who's Your Daddy; The City of Good Death; Finding Freedom

04.15.2021: MAINLY MAINERS

04.13.2021: BEGINNINGS - Books Featured: Second Chances; The Souvenir Museum; Genesis; The Bookseller of Florence; Entangled Life; The Mysterious Correspondent; The Rock from the Sky; A Gentleman in Moscow

04.08.2021: A ROCK FROM THE SKY - Books Featured: The Rock From the Sky; I Want My Hat Back; This Is Not My Hat; We Found a Hat

04.06.2021: FINDING FREEDOM - Books Featured: Finding Freedom; Hummingbird Salamander; Peaces; You Made Me Love You; Why Fish Don't Exist; And I Do Not Forgive You; Merci Suarez Can't Dance; The Cost of Knowing; Charles Harper's Birds & Words

04.01.2021: DIGGING IN THE DIRT - Books Featured: Growing the Northeast Garden; The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Northeast; How to Attract Birds to Your Garden; The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture; The New Gardener's Handbook; The Kitchen Garden; The Well-Tended Perennial Garden; The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food; Gardenista

03.30.2021: A SPECIAL PLACE - Books Featured: The Hill We Climb; A Little Devil in America; The Five Wounds; Where the Crawdads Sing; Three Hours in Paris; Felon; Tigers, Not Daughters; We Became Jaguars; The Ghost Variations

03.25.2021: AMANDA GORMAN: THE HILL WE CLIMB - Books Featured: The Hill We Climb

03.23.2021: LEAVING A LEGACY - Books Featured: The Consequences of Fear; Places of Mind; The Night Watchman; Half Life; Wicked Enchantment; Someone Builds the Dream; Blue Floats Away; Several Short Sentences About Writing

03.18.2021: BOOKS WE LOVE

03.16.2021: ENDURING CLASSICS - Books Featured: In Search of a Kingdom; Lolita in the Afterlife; Shooting Midnight Cowboy; No-Recipe Recipes; The Twilight Zone; Beverly, Right Here; Klara and the Sun; The Lowering Days

03.11.2021: MYCELIUM READING - Books Featured: Entangled Life; The Mushroom at the End of the World; Mexican Gothic; Annihilation; Mycelium Running; The Hidden Life of Trees; The Beauty; Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms; Field Guide to Mushrooms

03.09.2021: SHEDDING LIGHT - Books Featured: 2034; Life's Edge; The Code Breaker; Recollections of My Nonexistence; Tyll; When We Were Infinite; When You Were Everything; Lift

03.04.2021: FOR THE KIDS

03.02.2021: COMMITTED - Books Featured: Klara and the Sun; The Committed; Infinite Country; Becoming; Hidden Valley Road; The Downstairs Girl; Mornings with Monet; Redwall

02.25.2021: KEY NOTES - Books Featured: Utopia Avenue; Daisy Jones & the Six; Nocturnes; The Commitments; Swing Time; The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

02.23.2021: DEEPLY-ROOTED - Books Featured: The Blizzard Party; Blood Gun Money; Tom Stoppard; Unworthy Republic; Conjure Women; How to Change Everything; The Searinged World; The Valley and the Flood; Maybe Tomorrow 

02.18.2021: HARD AT WORK

02.16.2021: BREAKING THROUGH - Books Featured: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster; No One is Talking About This; Writers & Lovers; The Glass Hotel; We Ride Upon Sticks; Shy Willow; Legendborn; Landslide; The Book of V. 

02.09.2021: UNDER A WHITE SKY - Books featured: Under a White Sky; Probable Impossibilities; Amnesty; Greenwood; Cast Away; Anonymouse; Shit, Actually


02.02.2021: THE SNOWY DAY - Books Featured: A Swim in a Pond in the Rain; Four Hundred Souls; The Four Winds; Landslide; Deacon King Kong; My Dark Vanessa; Wolfboy; Luster

01.27.2021: THE YEAR'S BEST - Books Featured: A Promised Land; The Overstory; Union; How to Be an Antiracist; Sigh, Gone

01.19.2021: A BRIGHTER FUTURE - Books Featured: A Swim in a Pond in the Rain; Detransition, Baby; The Dutch House; Weather; Concrete Rose; Spring Stinks; The Museum of Whales You Will Never See


12.11.2020: FULL SWING - Books Featured: A Promised Land; Utopia Avenue; Dearly; The Cold Millions; Inland; Hurricane Season

12.04.2020: WHO DUN IT? - Books Featured: The Searcher; The Dirty South; One By One; If It Bleeds; The Ninth House; All The Devils Are Here; The Sentinel; The Best American Mystery Stories, 2020

12.01.2020: FOLLOWING FOOTSTEPS - Books Featured: A Promised Land; Sigh, Gone; Good Boy; Big Friendship; The Yellow House; His Truth is Marching On; Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Figuring