Our Used Book Buying Policy

Trade in your used books for store credit!


Current intake procedure:

•We are no longer requiring appointments for used book drop-off! But we still limit it to one bag or box (something one person can comfortably lift) at a time.

•If you have more than one bag/box to bring in, please don't bring in more books until we've let you know we've processed the first bag/box.


How it works:

• We pay store credit for used books, not cash.

• Our buyers cannot process books on the spot.

• We pay approximately 30% of what we decide to charge for a book. So if we price something at $8, we’ll give you $2.40 in store credit for it.

• We take one bag or small box at a time. We will call you once we go through your books (usually within a few days, unless we’re buried very deep) to tell you how much store credit you’re getting.

• We take many different kinds of books (paperbacks & hardcovers, fiction & nonfiction), but our selection varies with supply & demand.

However, we usually will not buy:

       •Books that are in generally poor condition (torn or yellowed pages, missing dustcovers, split spines, etc.)

       •Books with underlining or highlighting

       •Textbooks and outdated reference books (travel guides, etc.)

       •Non-book items (magazines, journals, calendars, DVDs, CDs, etc.)

•Currently, we are not taking most kids books (middle readers, picture books, etc.), cookbooks, or oversized coffee table/art books. YA titles in very good condition will be considered.


• If there are books we don’t take, we can either donate them or you can pick them back up. We will ask your preference when you drop them off. If you elect to pick books back up, we ask that you pick them up within 7 days of when we contact you. After that, we reserve the right to donate them.


(207) 772-4045