I Remember Warm Rain

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Published by The Telling Room

Fifteen students, from countries such as Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, and Iran are represented in our first anthology, I Remember Warm Rain. In it, you meet Ali killing hyenas and Arunda speaking to his father by phone after ten years of believing he is dead. You meet Kahiye, revealing his first experience of snow, and Stella doing something once forbidden to her, playing a game she loves: soccer. These rich stories were written as part of The Telling Room's yearlong Story House Project, a multi-media initiative built on the collaborative efforts of local artists, writers, filmmakers, sound technicians, teachers and the 15 young storytellers who bravely told their tales of leaving home in hopes of finding a new one in America.

 The Telling Room is a nonprofit writing center in Portland, Maine, dedicated to the idea that children and young adults are natural storytellers. Focused on young writers ages 6 to 18, we seek to build confidence, strengthen literacy skills, and provide real audiences for our students’ stories. We believe that the power of creative expression can change our communities and prepare our youth for future success.

Each year, the Telling Room publishes a theme-based anthology of student work. We crisscross Greater Portland to ask groups of students to come visit our writing center where we work intensively with young writers of all ages and abilities. We begin by creating lists and stories, song lyrics and poems. We read and talk and try to describe the particular smell of Commercial Street on a given day. Some students work with us for a few hours, others we meet during an intensive week or two, and still others we have the pleasure of coming to know over the better part of a year.

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