Used Books

Longfellow Books carries used books.

We accept used books in trade for store credit.

You can drop off one box or bag at a time during normal store hours. Given our space limitations, we cannot accept more than that.

We will not be able to process used books at the time you drop them off. We will take your contact information, and call you once your books have been processed, usually within one to two weeks.

From time to time (once or twice a year), we put a moratorium on incoming used books, as we work through our accumulated backlog. The moratorium will be announced on our website and via email. If you’re considering bringing in used books, please call ahead to confirm we’re currently accepting them.

The amount of store credit you receive is based on how much we can charge for a used book. Generally you’ll receive 30% of the resale price.

Books that we do not take will be donated (to the Portland Public Library or other local organizations), or held for one week after processing for you to pick up.
While we sell a wide variety of used books, there are certain types of books we are not interested in, including: books with damage, notes, highlighting, or missing dustjackets; journals and magazines; books that have gone out of date such as reference or travel books.

For any further questions about our used book program, please call us during business hours at 207-772-4045, or send us an email at